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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Libya {Masterlist}

June 13, 2015

This post is a new sort-of home for what used to be the whole focus of this site - the conflict in Libya that began with an optional campaign in 2011 to overthrow long-hated Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and continues with horrendous chaos until today. Previously this whole blog was called/subtitled/explained:
The Libyan Civil War*: Critical Views
Jihad in the service of McWorld.
* The Libyan Regime-Change Campaign and Naqba of 2011 was never a "civil war" (early and poor name choice) and is no longer the sole subject of this site (see here)

The banner was so:
The quote: attributed to leader Muammar Gaddafi, part of a probably better speech he gave to his enabled and criminal captors, shortly before they murdered him. The picture: from the "liberation" of Tripoli in August 2011 - seemingly the car of a terrified loyalist trying to flee with bedding and a green flag in the trunk - blood added later, covered with pillows. NATO-imposed "freedom" is never, ever free - this is just the kind of price that's paid, in untold numbers, especially since this "Arab Spring" project began.

As explained here, I and those I was working with got sidetracked into following Syria, and I never finished covering all the events of 2011, from the fake crisis to the real one, let alone the ensuing disintegration into perpetual civil war. And I never did get this blog up-to-date on the new and ongoing crisis in Libya. Neither of the 2 registered team members has added either, and no one else has registered. I'd rather make it official that I and this site won't be tracking the general situation, or feeling obliged to. I'm accepting comments. And I can't rule out that a specific event will seem worth a few posts. And I need to keep the url, sorry. But the title is available, and other blogs will have to keep being the source for that.

Nor does the sidebar need to be dominated by links that were most relevant in 2011. It all gets one slot, linking here, with the old content below:
The War, general thoughts
This is not my major focus, and others have better thoughts, but here are a few of mine:
- Motives - you really think this is just to protect some innocent people? In particular, how about...
- Oil.
- "Not This Way" - on the plight of Tripoli's loyalists after the capitol's fall
- The War Continues: Semi-useful running commentary on the war in central Libya, overtaken by...
- Situation in Sirte: Neither Good Nor Great - a truly appalling string of war crimes mark the moral inverse climax of the war so far.
A pretext of fiction
Crimes against humanity - and logic - blamed on the Gaddafi regime and used to justify the war:
- Massacring Protesters: Really? - Important! Even the part about shooting demonstrators isn't looking so certain.
Signs of pre-planning and conpspiracy
Bad things about the rebels
Massacres blamed on the Gaddafi regime, and all (or most) actually perpetrated by rebels and allies, says the evidence presented at each link.
- Behind the Scenes of the al-Baida Massacre - 22 or 130 victims, depending how you read it
- The Qawalish Tree Farm Massacre (aka the Qala'a Massacre) - 34 victims
- The Tawergha Massacre - app. 150 victims
- The Tripoli Massacres {masterlist} - probably over 1,200 victims revealed so far. Several grisly crime scenes across loyalist Tripoli, all tallied to my ability at the main link, many expanded in posts linked there.
- Sub-post: Abu Salim Trauma "Hospital" Of special importance among these is this bloody and "mysterious" episode. At least 75 victims (perhaps 200 or more).
- Sub-post: The Khamis Brigade Shed Massacre (the one with 53 charred skeletons). Slower to come into focus, this one is shaping up as a sickening complex of barbarity and deceit. 106 victims now official, 51 survivors, perhaps about 150 or more really dead.
- The Sirte Massacres {masterlist} - At least 300 acknowledged so far, and a mass grave with well over 400... Numerous brazen mass-executions, torture, burning, mutilation, occurring in areas the rebels controlled.
- The Bin Jawad Massacre(s) - app. 170, reported
Caustic Logic Libya Truth videos:
See my Youtube channel, Lockerbie Divide.
Framing Libya in the Past:
The Lockerbie Divide, namesake of the Youtube channel
See also all posts tagged Libya (a small list at the moment, but it will grow as I add it)

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